Phil Jackson Joins Twitter, Makes Profile Picture 11 Championship Rings Because He Is Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson has joined Twitter. He hasn’t tweeted yet, but I’m sure once he does, the world will change. So far he has procured the handle @PhilJackson11 and set a picture of his 11 championship rings as his avatar. I can’t wait to see what his first tweet is!

While he doesn’t have his blue check mark yet, we can assume the profile is real because the world was alerted to Phil’s arrival by Jeanie Buss. Did we know that Jeanie Buss’ Twitter profile picture was Jeanie Buss completely naked covered by two basketballs? (SFW) I feel like this is something we should have covered.

Update: The 11 rings are actually the cover of Jackson’s upcoming book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success. [h/t @corkgaines]

Update 2: Here is Phil Jackson’s first tweet. It probably didn’t go as smoothly as the Zen Master hoped.

Because you want to see it first!

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