Super Bowl Scammer Caught! Police Arrest Ravens Fan Who Scammed Super Bowl-ticket-seeking 49ers Fans Out of $5,900

Remember how a 49ers fans foolishly sent $5,900 to someone they met on Craigslist purporting to have Super Bowl tickets? If you forgot the story, after the 49ers fan sent the money, they received a box. Its contents? A “GO RAVENS! LOL!” insult, and no tickets.

Well, two months later, the police have arrested the scammer – 37-year-old Robert Pham, a man with 15 different addresses across the country and multiple banks accouts. The Mercury News has details of how-they-found him:

Nelson said the sheriff’s property crimes unit tracked the original email used on the Craigslist ad. Then, the FedEx tracking number on the package sent to Osgood led them to a facility in Miami.

“They have a video of the guy coming in,” Nelson said.

Then they tracked down the credit union account that Osgood had sent the money to and found out it was dry, meaning the suspect had likely withdrawn the cash by then, he said. The money has still not been recovered.

The credit union account had an address in Las Vegas, which investigators used to get a social security number, which led to a date of birth and real Florida driver’s license. After investigators froze the accounts, Pham called police.

“He says he sent the tickets, and that somebody must have taken the tickets in the mail,” Nelson said. “However, evidence that we have does not support that.”

After local police spent weeks of gathering evidence and coordinating with Florida authorities, detectives in Coral Springs booked Pham in to jail on Tuesday.

If you weren’t aware of it before, here’s a reminder: Never, ever, under any circumstances should you send cash to some random, all-caps writing person you met on the internet. [Mercury News]

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