The Browns Have Signed Jason Campbell, Which Means ... What Exactly For Brandon Weeden?

New coach in Cleveland. New GM in Cleveland. New backup QB in Cleveland. New starting QB in Cleveland? The Browns signed average (at best) journeyman Jason Campbell Tuesday night, which means one of three things:

1) GM Mike Lombardi – friend of Nantz! – subscribes to the “find a warm body to put pressure on the underperforming starter” theory the Jets are employing

2) The Browns and offensive coordinator Norv Turner actually like Jason Campbell (is that possible?)

3) Cleveland doesn’t like Brandon Weeden at all, plans on drafting a QB, and plans on having Campbell battle Weeden for the No. 2 job

If you vote for door No. 3, which QB are the Browns taking in the draft, if they gamble on someone in the first round? Geno Smith? He could be gone 2nd overall, if you believe the Jacksonville rumors (or 3rd if you think Oakland likes him enough). Matt Barkley? In that cold weather? No way. Someone else in later rounds, perhaps? How about Ryan Nassib, if Buffalo hasn’t snapped him up?

Ahhhh, NFL draft intrigue, it’s great, ain’t it?

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