The Chiefs With the Worst Smoke Screen Ever? Now "Fascinated" By Geno Smith

Yesterday, Jason McIntyre wrote about Jacksonville’s emerging interest in Geno Smith as part of the draft’s silly season. The Kansas City Chiefs are now trying to take it to the next level, opting for the completely unbelievable leak of their newfound interest in Geno Smith, in a blatant attempt to position for a draft trade.

Ian Rapoport (who just appeared on the Jason McIntyre Podcast yesterday) said the following this morning:

Chiefs scouts are deep in the process of evaluating Smith, and the word is they are fascinated by him. One scout compared the way he moves to a young Donovan McNabb, raving about how he’s thrown the ball in his workouts. Though they did trade for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, the team wouldn’t think twice about having Geno Smith on the bench behind Alex Smith for a short amount of time if he were determined to be the top overall player.

Worst smoke screen ever? Worst smoke screen ever.

A month ago, the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers to be their quarterback. If this is anything but a desperate ploy to invoke someone wanting Smith in the top ten to trade up, well, the Chiefs front office is incompetent. I don’t think they are. Basically, if this is to be believed, Kansas City sat down and went through their options over a month ago, and decided to invest a second round pick into a trade at the quarterback position. Now, suddenly, though, someone has learned about this kid from West Virginia. They now need to watch some more film on him, film that would have been around before the trade.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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