Tuesday Shaka Smart Was Working on an Extension with VCU, Today, Some Guy is Claiming Smart is Going to Minnesota for $21 Million over 7 Years

Shaka Smart, the most coveted college basketball coach in the country, was supposed to be working on a contract extension at VCU Tuesday. The first person to report that was Wes McElroy, a radio host in Richmond. It was the obvious move – it was the smart move.

But, since nothing is complete yet, Minnesota fans are stilling clinging to the hope that the guy who brought Smart to VCU can lure him to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. My guess is some Gophers will spend a portion of today trying to track airplanes because of this random claim from a “connected” basketball guy in Arizona, of all places:

Believability level? Probably somewhere from laughable to “so you’re telling me there’s a chance?” The Minnesota media doesn’t appear to be taking the claim too seriously – yet.

Perhaps Smart is doing his pal Norwood Teague a solid, and taking the trip to Minneapolis to help him get the ball rolling with the search. Hey, Shaka Smart was interested! This might get other coaches to think, ‘well, if Shaka’s willing to listen to their pitch …

Psst. Norwood. Why don’t you call Alabama’s Anthony Grant?

Because you want to see it first!

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