Announcers Freak Out as Kobe "Ice Mamba" Bryant Fouls Ricky Rubio on Game-Tying 3-Pointer, but Referees Swallow the Whistle

While everyone was focused on LeBron and the Heat losing for the first time since the Paleolithic era, Kobe and the Lakers got a fortunate no-call in the final seconds Wednesday that helped them snap a 3-game losing streak. We’ll let the Minnesota announcers take it from here:

“He will not make that call against Kobe Bryant …”

Then, he sees replay …

“Oh my gosh! That’s just a horrible call by Jason Phillips, who did not have the courage to call that against Kobe Bryant … awful.”

After the game, Kobe told the media, “They’re not going to call that shit.”

Which makes the black letterman jacket with the words “ICE MAMBA” on the back that he wore after the game last night that much better.

Kobe Bryant's Ice Mamba jacket

[vid via @cjzero, HT BI]

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