Mitch McGary Has Alter-Ego "Big Mitch," Raps Like Rick Ross

Mitch McGary is a man of many talents, apparently. According to Michigan teammates, he has a rap alter-ego “Big Mitch” and busts some rhymes to infuse levity into team functions. Here’s Glenn Robinson III’s description.

“It’s a very, very, very aggressive style of rap — he yells when he raps, just like if he’s on the court screaming after a rebound,” Robinson said. “It’s kind of like Rick Ross, a little bit. He tries to make his voice really deep, and yells while he does it. Cracks us up every time, because he actually thinks he’s good, I think.”

Michigan assistant Bacari Alexander was not so charitable when asked about this:

“The only thing Mitch McGary can rap is gifts on Christmas,” assistant coach Bacari Alexander quipped. “In his mind, he’s a poor man’s version of Jay-Z. He thinks he has a little Rick Ross in him.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think he’s even on the level of even Heavy D.”

Cell phone camera. YouTube. Come on, guys. You go to Michigan fergodsakes. Sure, the image of an enormous 6’10” McGary aggressively rapping is hilarious, but did you realize he and Mitch Albom share the same first name?!

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[Photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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