Milwaukee Bucks '90s Night Featured a Vanilla Ice Halftime Show [Video]

It was 90s night at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee on Saturday, an evening “highlighted” by a halftime performance from Vanilla Ice. Oh, it’s true. Look no further than this unforgettably lethal promo shot. The stirring footage above was taken by a selfless fan at the game. So to answer Vanilla’s 24-year old thought-provoking question of will it ever stop, the answer is clearly no, no it won’t.

While we’re positive Ice sounded amazing in person, the sound quality here is perfectly awful. But the real highlight, or even gift perhaps, is the joyous videographer harmoniously singing along. The safe assumption is that at least 10,000 Milwaukeeans sported a “who farted?” expression for the duration of the set.

[via Rap Radar]

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