The Jason McIntyre Show: Kevin Ware Reaction, with John Ourand, Dan Steinberg & Clay Travis

Switched things up on the podcast today: Instead of the traditional 1-guest format, I thought the gruesome Kevin Ware injury – and the media’s overreaction on twitter – was so significant, it warranted three guests to discuss the matter: John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, and Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage.

The focus was simple – why did so many college basketball fans/writers race for the moral high ground Sunday and freak out about anyone who would post a video or GIF of Ware’s ghastly broken leg? It was a legitimate news story – the only one in a boring, lopsided Elite 8 – not everyone was watching the game, and since CBS wasn’t showing replays (just two in the immediate aftermath), how could you not give readers the biggest sports story of the weekend? Isn’t that your job as a sports news outlet to show and tell your readers what happened? In this instance, the “show” was the most important aspect. Ware didn’t die, as Steinberg notes.

Many, many sports websites posted a GIF or video – including mainstream outlets like the NY Daily News, NY Post and LA Times to name a few – but Sportscenter (as of this post) has not shown it yet.

I tried to change up the discussion from guest to guest, as there was so much ground to cover. Why haven’t we seen this kind of reaction to ghastly MMA injuries? How about the Olympic weightlifter who broke his arm in competition? Or NFL injuries/knockout hits/concussions? Or NASCAR accidents that resulted in death? What about the Marcus Lattimore injury? And what’s up with the silly herd/bully mentality on twitter?

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