Los Angeles Lakers Playoff Conspiracy Video is a Combination of all the Latest Bad Calls in LA's Favor

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in the 9th spot in the Western Conference playoff picture with eight games remaining. The Utah Jazz are in the 8th spot with a half-game lead and one fewer game left to play. A game and a half behind the Lakers sit the Mavericks with nine games remaining.

The video above shows some “highlights” from recent LA games against the Blazers, Mavericks, Nuggets and Timberwolves. Obviously, you should take this video with a grain of salt. If you wanted to cherry-pick non-calls in the NBA for a 4-minute YouTube video, you could make it look like the League is fixing games in favor of the Bobcats. Referees are bad. That is a universal truth.

Considering the league’s vested interest in the Lakers making the playoffs, these calls seem extra questionable. (Even in the Lakers’ recent loss to the Bucks, Milwaukee was called for just five more fouls than the Lakers, but LA shot 17 more free throws.) If the Lakers sneak into the playoffs, the 1-8 match-up in the Western Conference playoffs immediately becomes one of the most interesting and casual-fan-friendly series in the postseason. Spurs – Jazz just doesn’t have the same cache as Spurs – Lakers.




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