Alex Gordon Almost Robbed Dayan Viciedo of a Homerun by Climbing the Wall [GIF]

Not long after Dayan Viciedo and Alexei Ramirez collided in shallow left field, Viciedo tried to make up for the mistake. Viciedo jacked a pitch by Ervin Santana toward the left field stands, but Alex Gordon of the Royals gave his best effort to scale the wall and make the catch.

The ball glanced off the tip of his glove, and Gordon cited the cold weather as a reason he didn’t make the catch.

“Almost, it hit the tip of the glove,” Gordon said. “If it wasn’t cold and my glove wasn’t stone hard, it might have stayed in. But it just hit the tip of it and came out. If I could’ve just done it over again, I wish I could, because I was right there in position, ready to make the play.”

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