Roundup: Louisville Passes on Profits of RI5E Shirts, Mike Piazza Joins the Ballet, Donte Stallworth Discusses Balloon Accident

Shelley Hennig … teen girl spins out and hits parked cop car on the highway while using cell phone … woman throws papayas, drops pants, goes to jail … Grown Ups 2 exists, has a trailer … what fun – a new giant tarantula … The Dude was on disability? …. Orleans Parish has an interesting jail … Game of Thrones fan proposes on the Iron Throne … Happy Endings could be saved by USAshark attacks … Florida Man shot after threatening brother with frying pan & machete …. North Korea is apparently ready to nuke¬†America … Arrested Development will return on May 26

Louisville waived the royalty revenue for the Kevin Ware merchandise.  [WDRB]

Q & A with CBS’ Tracy Wolfson. [Sherman Report]

One Shining Moment was inspired by a waitress. [NCAA]

The Washington football team isn’t the only team called the Redskins. [CNS Maryland]

A first-hand account of Donte Stallworth’s balloon accident. [FOX Sports]

The Los Angeles Kings broke down all the trades yesterday. [NHL.com]

An exhaustive list of the top 50 party schools. [Bro Bible]

Mike Piazza will make his ballet debut in May. [Times Union]

Are we seeing the death of high school sports? [Shoe: Untied]

Floyd Mayweather thinks men should have multiple women. [Larry Brown Sports]

Putting your dog in people clothes and making it look like he is eating with people hands? Never not amusing.

You don’t need to understand Portuguese to appreciate Anderson Silva surprising a sick kid in the hospital. [via Hot Clicks]

Calvin & Hobbes grown up. Nostalgia makes me appreciate stuff like this as long as it continues to not be “real.”

You’ll never guess what happens.

Because you want to see it first!

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