Pat White Sued the NFL in 2012 Over Head Injuries, But Dropped His Lawsuits This Week So He Could Sign with the Redskins

Pat White received this devastating hit from Ike Taylor on January 3, 2010, suffered a concussion, and never played another NFL snap. He gave baseball a shot in 2011. That didn’t pan out. In 2012, White sued the NFL. Here are details of his lawsuit from the Washington Times:

But last April, White sued the NFL in federal court. Claimed the league’s equipment didn’t protect him from head injuries. Claimed multiple traumatic brain injuries. Claimed headaches, sleeplessness and mood swings.

In November, White switched lawyers and sued again. Some of the 222 lawsuits filed against the league simply list plaintiffs and their hometowns. The most basic details. White’s complaint alleged a comprehensive, devastating cost from “repeated and chronic head impacts.” Permanent injuries, the lawsuit said. Permanent.

The lawsuit rattled off White’s alleged problems: “Cognitive and other difficulties, severe headaches, speech issues, memory loss, depression, isolation, mental anguish and diminished self-esteem.”

This week, White signed a 2-year deal with the Redskins. But first, he had to drop both of his lawsuits before signing with the team.

Hmmmm. So as recently as five months ago, White was alleging in a lawsuit he had suffered major problems due to football, and the word “permanent” was all over the lawsuit.

So a guy with “permanent” injuries is suddenly going to suit up again in the NFL? This doesn’t sound like something that is going to end well. [Washington Times]

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