The NFL Wants to Enhance the Stadium Experience By Allowing Spectators to Peep into the Locker Rooms

The NFL wants you to go to games, rather than watch on television. They have come up with a genius* idea on how to attract more people and improve the unique in-stadium experience over something that you cannot get from the television broadcast. According to adage.com, the NFL is mandating the installation of cameras in all home locker room, and will show footage in pre-game and halftime that everyone watching at home cannot see.

Let’s set aside all the privacy concerns and what happens if there is a human error and something strategic is actually played over the stadium’s Jumbotron. (Jay Feely has already called it “ridiculous” and I’m sure other players will chime in). Are people really going to attend a football game because they can now see some players milling around in a locker room, or see video (with no audio) of a talk at halftime about adjustments? However, if leering at dudes in locker rooms was your thing, and you hadn’t already plopped down the $100, now you know the NFL is looking out for your demo.

If I am choosing to not attend a NFL game, it’s because I can see more actual football at home and watch several games, and because I cannot take my kids to a game. I’m sure that all the people who rush to the bathroom or to get another beer at the half will sit in those seats an extra minute to catch some locker room video, though.

*not genius

Because you want to see it first!

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