Fan Cost Experience: NL East Teams Like To Gouge You on Beer and Hot Dogs

Fan Cost Experience updated its MLB Fan Cost Index for 2013.¬†We have provided a quick breakdown of a few of the categories. The Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs gouge you on the way in. NL East teams prey on you once you’re captive. Noteworthy: it’s now 35 percent more expensive to attend an Angels home game and 19 percent more expensive for a Nationals home game.

Average Tickets
Most Expensive: Red Sox ($53), Yankees ($52), Cubs ($45)
Least Expensive: Padres ($16), Diamondbacks ($17), Pirates ($17)
Average: ($27)

Most Expensive: Nationals ($8.25), Marlins ($8.00), Phillies ($7.75)
Least Expensive: Diamondbacks ($4), Indians ($4), Angels ($4.50)
Average: ($6.12)

Hot Dog
Most Expensive: Mets ($6.25), Marlins ($6.00), Blue Jays ($5.57)
Least Expensive: Reds ($1), Orioles ($1.50), Diamondbacks ($2.75)
Average: ($4.14)

Most Expensive: Yankees ($35), Red Sox ($27), Cubs ($25)
Least Expensive: Rays ($0), Tigers ($5), Twins ($6)
Average: ($13.87)

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