Ray Jackson & Jimmy King of the Fab 5 Encourage Michigan Wolverines to "Let Your Nuts Hang"

Fab 5 members Jimmy King and Ray Jackson joined Jalen Rose and Michael Smith on one of ESPN’s daytime shout-about-sports programs earlier this week. Smith asked the former members of the Fab 5 if they had any advice for the first Wolverines team to make the Final Four since 1993*. Ray Jackson went first.

“Leave it all on the court. It’s the fastest game of your life. And like we used to say in our huddle, ‘Let your nuts hang.'”

Michael Smith, remembering he works for ESPN, tried to move on. Jimmy King echoed Jackson’s advice.

“Same thing, baby. Let ’em hang. And its a play on words. You gotta let’em hang. And want the banners to hang. Let’em hang.”

For a little more context, here’s Jalen Rose on ESPN.com in August 2012:

The Geto Boys’ “We Can’t Be Stopped” album was the theme album for the Fab Five. And “Gota Let Your Nuts Hang” was our theme record. When we brought it in, we used to say, “1, 2, 3, nut check!” That was our record.

Go Blue!

*1989 was technically the last time Michigan made a Final Four. Those things that happened didn’t actually happen because NCAA!

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