Johnny Unitas' Grandson Is Not Thrilled With Joe Flacco Playing Johnny Unitas in a Movie

Joe Flacco agreed to play Johnny Unitas in the final football scenes for the movie “Unitas We Stand”. In doing so, the Super Bowl MVP appears to have put himself in the middle of a family feud over the legacy of Johnny Unitas. Unitas’ son, Joe, is involved in the project and the decision to cast Unitas.

A grandson, J.C. Unitas, was not as happy about the decision to make a movie with Joe Flacco portraying Johnny U, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

“If you want a real movie, hire a real actor . . . My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it. Has Baltimore forgotten that Trent Dilfer also won a Super Bowl while playing for Baltimore?”

J.C.’s father, John Jr., also referred to Joe Flacco as a “goofball” and added that Peyton Manning should be the one to portray his father. This is part of a family squabble, as Joe is a son by Johnny Unitas’ second marriage, and has angered the older half siblings.

“It is awful. The guy’s a turd,” John Jr. says of Joe. “He never talked to me. He never talked to any of the first five children. He’s a guy that’s just making money off of my father.”

Joe Flacco is five inches taller than Johnny Unitas was, and has led the league in touchdown passes four fewer times by age 28. He does however, have a Super Bowl MVP, something that Johnny Unitas never even played in until he was 35 years old. Some members of the Unitas family must not be a fan of the rings argument in casting for Hollywood movies.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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