Louisville Men Not Permitted by the NCAA to Go Watch the Louisville Women Play for the Women's Title Because the NCAA is Stupid [UPDATE]

Rick Pitino is going to fly to New Orleans today, less than 12 hours after winning an NCAA title, to watch the Louisville women’s team try and capture an NCAA title. The men’s team had a great idea – we should go watch the women, too! That would be fun! A show of support! It’s not like schools have an opportunity for a double-title every year!

The NCAA stepped in and said, nope, sorry, that would be an extra benefit. Can’t go. They’d have to pay their own way.

I’m too spent from Louisville 82, Michigan 76 to get significantly worked up about this, but it certainly seems foolish. The players have been to how many classes over the last month? I’m sure someone will say, “what’s to stop the kids from then going to [enter something here.]?”

[UPDATE: After getting blasted overnight and this morning for the silly decision, the NCAA changed their mind – hey, we’ll offer the players a waiver! Oops, too late. Louisville had already made travel plans.]

My question – so what were to happen if Louisville decided to just go hop on a private jet and go anyway? The seniors couldn’t be punished. What would they do to the underclassmen? Suspend them for a game next year?

Because you want to see it first!

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