Robert Griffin III Set a Record For Most Jersey Sales in a Single NFL Year

Robert Griffin III had a fantastic rookie year, and his arrival in Washington was a big event. RGIII had the top selling jersey in 2012 according to Darren Rovell. Not only was it #1 in 2012, it was the best single season of jersey sales all-time. Fellow rookie Andrew Luck came in at #6 on the list. Meanwhile, the guy Luck was replacing in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning, shot up to #2 in 2012 and third most in a single year.

Being a new face in a new place obviously helps jersey sales, as fans clamor for a new item and are less likely to just replace an existing one. Among players staying on the same team, Ray Lewis came in tops as fans clamored for his jersey in his final season, pushing him ahead of Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, another new face in a new place saw his jersey sales drop as precipitously as his NFL fortunes. Tim Tebow started the year first after the announcement of his trade to New York, but fell all the way to 13th by the end of the year.

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