Roundup: Two Heisman Trophy Voters Give Up Their Votes, Women Brawling at a Gas Station & Russ Smith Leaves Early for the NBA

Taylor Swift … reasons my kid is cryingFox News is being sued for defamation … what if Bryce Harper played Cricket? … is your baseball team’s owner a major league asshole? … man picks up four women in Toronto club, later is sexually assaulted by them … game-by-game look at Dirk Nowitzki’s beard growth … these two wore matching prom outfits … unemployed, but he spent $140k on phone sex … yeah newspaper revenue! … Mad Men ratings were down for the season premiere … LL Cool J & Brad Paisley combined for the Accidental Racisthospitality at Augusta! …

What’s going on with Roy Halladay? [Inquirer]

Luke Hancock – man that guy can shoot. [Courier-Journal]

Interesting comparison from Peter King – the Top 20 of the 2008 draft vs. the Top 20 of the 2013 draft. [MMQB]

Two Heisman voters gave up their votes recently. [Oklahoman, CBS Sports]

Russ Smith, the Louisville chucker, is leaving early for the NBA. [SI]

There was a huge Nutella heist in Germany. [News]

Knee surgery for Kevin Love. Talk about a rough year. [Pioneer Press]

“Rooftop club owners vowed Friday to use “any and all means necessary” — including a lawsuit — to challenge any plan to renovate Wrigley Field that blocks their bird’s-eye view of the 99-year-old stadium, a move with the potential to unravel a hard-fought agreement.” [Sports Business News]

Tim Tebow is working out with Vinny Testaverde. Oh. [Bay News 9]

Naked man broke into SPEED network. [WBTV]

I’m still really pissed about this horrible call on the Trey Burke block. Just thought you should know.

Car flies through an RV. How did this not air on Dukes of Hazard? [via Hot Clicks]

Faceplant on a hotel treadmill? Sweet.

RUSH looks like it could be a great sports movie.

Want to watch some women brawling at a gas station? It’s NSFW-ish. People get hit with shoes. Also, they were just in the club, so dresses are riding up, and thongs are visible.

The Lego Shake!

Because you want to see it first!

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