The Dodgers Twitter Account Took a Jab at Carlos Quentin's Idiotic Decision to Charge the Mound


Love this. Also, I 100% agree with Don Mattingly – Carlos Quentin, who had no business charging the mound here, should be suspended for the duration of Zack Greinke’s injury, even if it’s up to 30 games. I’m all for charging the mound when it is warranted, but that wasn’t the case here, even if Greinke and Quentin have a history.

The Dodgers spent $147 million on Greinke, and now he’s already gone for possibly six weeks – or more.

Quentin said he charged Greinke after the pitcher said something. “That was the final straw,” said Quentin. Greinke denied he said anything after hitting Quentin.

I’ve watched the above video several times (check the 2:11 mark) and it’s unclear what, if anything, Greinke said.

Because you want to see it first!

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