Tyrann Mathieu: 10 Failed Drug Tests at LSU Which the School Doesn't Deny

LSU v Alabama

Tyrann Mathieu, the former LSU star who was briefly a Heisman contender in 2011, reportedly told an NFL team recently he failed so many drug tests he “stopped counting after 10.” From Jarrett Bell of USA Today Sports:

During one visit, Mathieu was asked how many drug tests he failed before he was suspended in college.

According to an assistant coach for the team, Mathieu responded: “I quit counting at 10. I really don’t know.”

Not a major surprise, given that Mathieu was kicked off the LSU team for drug use, and then ended up in rehab. I suppose one could ask why LSU kept letting him play despite the failed drug tests, but college football coaches don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing.

LSU just released a statement that doesn’t actually deny the alleged number of failed tests, but rather focuses on the fact that someone leaked the conversation to the media.

“It is irresponsible and shows a lack of integrity for anyone to disclose medical information regardless of how it was gathered.  I would expect that conversations regarding my drug testing history during the course of my medical treatment would be private.  LSU has a strong drug testing program and LSU went to great lengths to help me in my treatment and recovery.  I understand that many people enjoy reading about the negative side of sports, but to publish those second-hand comments without being given a chance to address that comment prior to the publication of the article is irresponsible.”

I still don’t think Mathieu is worth a pick in the first or second round- risk that early outweighs the talent – but I’m sure Bill Belichick will draft him and the pundits will hype it as a brilliant pick.

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