Adam Scott on the Bachelor? The Show is Trying to Recruit the Masters Champion


According to Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel, the ABC Show “The Bachelor” is recruiting Masters champion Adam Scott  to be on the show. A show source told E! News, “[w]e are definitely going to pursue [Scott]. So far, no meeting’s been set but we’re trying. He could be a perfect fit…We’re also considering other people Bachelor fans already know.”

All the Bachelor had to do is to watch reaction on social media as the Masters concluded to see that Scott might be a very popular addition to the show. Scott is 32 years old, and was most recently romantically linked with tennis player Ana Ivanovic.

While the show will put on the hard sell, and it makes sense from their perspective, it doesn’t seem to make much sense for Scott. The show has recently used Bachelors who were previous contestants on The Bachelorette, relying on viewers developing a connection with the Bachelors. With Scott, awareness of the Bachelor wouldn’t be an issue. The Bachelor has gone with a sporting connection before, with former quarterback and current analyst Jesse Palmer appearing on the show as the Bachelor in 2004, and Pro Bass fisherman Byron Velvick later the same year.

For Scott, though, why would he want to go through this? The golfing schedule isn’t conducive to a filming schedule that could require two months. Further, it’s not like he needs it or it is necessary to find love. Why would he subject himself to bickering of competing women on group dates and people staring at his life? If he is searching for true love, the Bachelor hasn’t exactly been the way to go. The sixteen prior seasons have yet to result in the Bachelor marrying the woman he selected at the end of the show (Season 17 just concluded in January).

And yes, I have now written way too many words about the Bachelor.

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