Oregon Released Documents About NCAA Investigation Into Willie Lyles, Committed at Least One Major Violation

Arkansas State v Oregon

Oregon released 515 pages of documents to multiple outlets related to the NCAA investigation into its recruiting practices. The Ducks agree with the NCAA on one major violation and multiple secondary violations. The two disagree about whether one violation was a secondary or major violation. There was no failure to promote “an atmosphere of compliance” and no “lack of institutional control.”

Major Violation: Both parties agree Lyles was working as “an agent” for Oregon. He had “impermissible telephone and off-campus contact” with recruits. He “provided an advantage” but did not “coerce” recruits to go to Oregon.

Disputed Violation: The violation is not the payments, but how Oregon used three scouting services. Such services must provide quarterly reports, with writing or video. Oregon accepted “oral reports” and not on a quarterly basis. The NCAA thinks that is a major violation. Oregon argues that is secondary.

Secondary Violations: Too many coaches recruiting. 730 impermissible phone calls.

What it means: The school has offered to self-impose two years of probation, and one scholarship reduced each of the next three seasons (basically nothing of consequence). Since a plea deal fell through, Oregon will still appear before a committee on infractions. Given recent NCAA events related to enforcement, we can presume Oregon has lawyers combing through every aspect of NCAA conduct during this investigation. We’d speculate on an outcome, but it is the NCAA so who really knows?

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