Tim Tebow, Fixed! Footwork & Tai Chi Have Improved Tebow's Busted Throwing Mechanics, QB Guru Claims


Tim Tebow, last seen blocking for the Jets, converting fake punts for the Jets and doing everything but passing for the Jets, has been fixed, a noted QB guru claims.

Steve Clarkson, the famed QB guru who was profiled in the New Yorker last year, spoke to Bob Glauber of Newsday and said Tebow’s faulty mechanics have been fixed: it was all about the footwork.

But Clarkson believes his work with Tebow will address what NFL coaches consider the major flaw in his game: an awkward throwing motion that limits his accuracy. Clarkson said he believes Tebow has corrected the problem, which actually has more to do with his feet than his arm. When the coach worked with Tebow, he noticed the quarterback would have his feet pointed out when he completed his dropback and prepared to throw. That led to an inability to get his hips around quickly, and contributed to the looping motion Tebow has been criticized for. That motion slowed down his eventual release.

Also, martial arts!

“There was a lot of Tai Chi that we kind of put into his workouts where we really taught him to make his body work as one unit,” he said.

Clearly, the Jets are aware of the footwork correction, and that’s why Tebow has been cut. (He hasn’t been traded because, well, the Tim Tebow market dried up when new management in Jacksonville said no thanks.)

Look out, Mark Sanchez! And look out David Garrard! [Newsday]

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