Roundup: Terrifying Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Video, Gun Control Legislation Fail, Ian Ziering Joins Chippendales

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsChristina Hendricks … Explosion at Texas fertilizer plant …Congress failed on gun control … Gold prices are down … Man arrested for ricin letters is an Elvis impersonator … The first tweet from the Boston Marathon bombing … Putin will go on Pre-Olympic animal killing spree … Guantanamo hunger strike … Liquid nitrogen ice cream … One in seven Canucks have the herp … Andrew Luck could use a new phone … Cocaine caused the financial crisis … RG3 has a mixtapeCakes inspired by great artists … Microsoft relaunching “Heroes” for xBox … Kate Upton will make acting debut … Ian Ziering joins Chippendales … Jose Canseco has a podcast … want NONE of whatever Amanda Bynes is on

ESPN clarifies its attribution policy, finally. [Front Row]

Cubs fan spends all his money on booze at Wrigley, punches train conductor. [Sun Times]

Lance Armstrong tested positive for corticosteroids four times during the 1999 Tour de France. [Independent]

Real Madrid now more valuable than Man United, according to Forbes. [Forbes]

Larry Sanders is having quite the season and has quite the story. [SI]

Teacher uses racism as defense for why she did not fondle a first-grade girl. [Houston Chronicle]

Plotlines for the upcoming movie “Draft Day” starring Kevin Costner. [Cleveland Frowns]

Bill Snyder does not like what’s going on in college athletics right nows. [CBS Sports]

Ron Artest has become a team leader for the Lakers. [NYTimes]

Florida man was sightseeing an Orlando apartment complex…naked. [Sun Sentinel]

Tristan Thompson was, nearly, the most blocked player in NBA history. [WSJ]

Creator of the BCS receives award named after coach who wanted an eight-team playoff. [Freep]

Jarring cell phone video of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Goose scares off a gorilla.

Jon Hamm on Sesame Street…shown from the waist up.

The Accidental Homophobe

Just another band out of Boston…

A man from Texas…

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