Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has a Twitter Account, and Tweeted About the Boston Marathon Bombing

jahar-profileDzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber currently on the run from the FBI, has a twitter account, according to occasionally-reliable CNN and Buzzfeed. The latter claims a high school classmate of Tsarnaev confirmed the account was his. Tsarnaev sent out 12 tweets since Monday’s bombing. Six were replies/comments to people. This is what he tweeted about five hours after leaving a bomb in a crowd of innocent people near the finish line at the Boston Marathon:

A day later, there was this:

  His timeline is filled with dumb college kid crap about music and what-I-had-for-breakfast, I-hate-my-job tweets. It is riddled with typos. There were these, in January:


  And this, on Christmas Eve:

And more religious tweets:

Tweets in Russian:

Tweeting with brother @xXjungaXx, who’s account is protected:

  Wanting out of America:

Jahar spelling his name in a Tweet last May:

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