Rex Ryan Does Not Respect The Sanctity of Baseball Season

Rex Ryan

MLB held firm during a scheduling tiff with the NFL, forcing the Ravens to open the season on the road in Denver. Rex Ryan was not a fan of the decision. He thought the Orioles should have just moved the came to Chicago, because it’s regular season baseball. Who really cares?

“Well who really cares, you’ve got 81 at home, maybe you could have done the right thing and given one up and then played 82 on the road and then 80 at home,” he said. “I really don’t think people are going to care about that game.”

That solution obviously would not have worked, though that won’t stop defensive baseball fans from being outraged. No one looks good from this. MLB appears petty for refusing to move up one Orioles game. The NFL suggesting the Super Bowl winner playing a TV-friendly opener at home is a hallowed tradition is ridiculous.

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[Photo via USA Today Sports]

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