Monta Ellis Has Everything Dwyane Wade Has Except Two Rings and a Moving Dove Commercial [Video]

Monta Ellis recently sat down for a regretful interview, claiming that Monta Ellis is on the same level as Dwyane Wade. I state that in such a manner because Monta refers to Monta as Monta. While I appreciate the confidence, this is a classic example of a foolish statement made by an inferior player prior to a playoff series in which said player’s team gets swiftly swept in an effortless-looking manner. Here’s the gist of the delusion:

“At the end of the day, the only that he have that I don’t have is, you know, more wins and two championships. That’s it.”

Actually, that’s not it. Wade also has higher career averages in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Plus, Wade also starred in a heartwarming Dove commercial with his adorable sons. Oh, and he’s an inch taller. OK, now that’s it.

Note: Turns out the interview is from December, but just so happens to be making the rounds now. Convenient.


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