Incredible Photos of the Boston Marathon Terrorists During the Shootout with Police


These are the most incredible images of the shootout between the Tsarnaev brothers and the Boston police/FBI early Friday morning in Watertown, Massachusetts. The photos were taken by Andrew Kitzenberg, who uploaded them to this website, Get On Hand. In the above photo, you can see the Tsarnaev brothers behind the black SUV, shooting at police, who are about 75 yards away. The red circle? A pressure cooker bomb, which they later tossed into the street. Click the above link to see the crater it left (multiple craters, actually).

Below: A photo of the younger Tasrnaev driving the black SUV at police, who had set up a blockade. According to multiple reports, he ran over his brother – who is circled in red grappling with police – in the process. [H/T: Bill Voth]


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