The Jason McIntyre Show: NFL Podcast with Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports, Who Hates the Draft

Silver_NFL1I found him. The one guy covering the NFL who hates the NFL Draft is Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports. Do you want to hear someone talk about their disdain for one of the best sporting events in April? Other topics discussed:

* Silver comes out fired up about not liking the draft. He scoffs at immediate “draft grades.”
* He did enjoy being embedded in the Rams war room in 2012.
* The oft-discussed coaching/GM dynamic as viewed through the Rams. It’s good when one hires the other (Fisher hired Snead). It’s bad with what just happened to the Jets. And previously, know-it-all Belichick guys like McDaniels in Denver and Mangini in Cleveland.
* So if RG3 keeps playing tremendous football, and the Rams don’t start making playoff runs, will the RG3 deal come back to haunt Fisher?
* We talked about his Matt Barkley column. I theorize that a non-elite QB’s NFL situation could be 65% talent, 35% team that takes the QB. Barkley goes to Buffalo or Cleveland, he’ll almost certainly fail.
* There was some debate over Brady vs. Manning.
* Does the QB make the coach, or does the coach make the QB? Brady/Belichick and Montana/Walsh were discussed.
* Silver is not a Randy Moss fan, but he does love Jerry Rice.

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