Lower League Italian Club Celebrates Promotion with Confederate Flag Tifo

Let’s be safe and say this one is lost in Google translation.

The following video come from Italian club U.S. Salernitana 1919, which according to their fan website was promoted to Serie C1 over the weekend.

Despite the vowel at the end of my last name my Italian is a little rusty-0.

From Google translation comes this description of the video where the Confederate ‘stars and bars’ flag is unfurled across one set of the stadium only for the face of somebody who looks like Solid Snake to be displayed over it.

Southern Cross, on which rule the head ultras town of Salerno (Carmine Rinaldi said “Siberian”) died in 2010 … lilvello instead to lower the representation of the city of Salerno where the old and new stand after the four fans died in the massacre of the special train fans from Piacenza in 1999 (the Salerno receded from the top flight at the time)!

I’m confused.

[via @SladeHV]

Because you want to see it first!

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