Mike Francesa is Still Not a Fan of Twitter [Video]

New York’s No. 1’s feeling about “Twittah,” are well-known.

In one famous rant against the 140-character social media service he postulated it should be banned.

Once you get past the headline aspect of Francesa’s anti-Twitter screed, the WFAN host actually makes a few good points, namely how athletes are going to continue to get themselves into hot water for their tweets.

That said, Kobe Bryant’s Twitter spree during the Lakers playoff loss to the Spurs over the weekend was too much for Francesa to bear.

What ensues is another classic must-hear rant from the New York radio institution, which began after he caught wind of the AP’s Twitter feed being hacked on Tuesday morning and causing a momentary dip in the stock market.

As always, the best Francesa moments come when you least expect it.

[via @WFanAudio]

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