Mike Tyson Comments on Luis Suarez Biting Incident: 'It Happens.' [Audio]

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We live in a world where boxers have been known to nibble on the ears of opponents and soccer strikers sometimes take a peck on a defender’s elbow.

Hey, it happens.

We also live in a world were a biting-boxer (Mike Tyson) following a chompy soccer player (Luis Suarez) on Twitter is considered news. (I didn’t make these rules.)

On Monday Tyson, the former heavyweight champ and part time actor, was on the radio in North Carolina on The David Glenn show. Naturally, the subject of Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic came up during the segment.

Tyson gives an answer that, well, only Tyson can a) make up and b) get away with.

“I just sort of got on the the twitter thing and I said hey, um, this is an interesting guy, let me follow him, check him out, see what his journey’s all about. You know, he bit somebody, you know [sh]it happens, you know what I mean? I’m sure he made a mess of his guy, I made a mess of Evander, and we go on with our lives.”

Yes, we all go on with our lives.

From afar, Little Mac weeps.

[via David Glenn Show.]

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