Roundup: Orangutan Steals Man's t-shirt, Two Girls Try to Kiss Reporter on Live TV & Thor, The Dark World Trailer

alice eveAlice Eve … Scott Porter, who you know from Friday Night Lights, got married last weekendfive snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche … ‘I touch myself‘ singer dead at 53 … the Crow is getting remade? … how a turn to religion cause the brothers to turn to terroristschickens arrested, or at least in the back seat of a police car … a best/worst careers list for 2013 … for those of you wondering what’s going on with Paul Finebaum’s radio situation … Vegas has made Lane Johnson the favorite to be drafted 4thRIP Richie Havens … harsh NYT book review for a NYT writer

Why are the Chargers rebuilding? Because they drafted so poorly from 2005-2009. [Union Trib]

Martell Webster on teammate Bradley Beal: “That kid’s future is very bright. He’s just gotta keep that weak-ass ankle under control. Do not edit that, okay? Exact words.” [Wash Post]

Bulls 90, Nets 82. Finally, somebody won on the road! [Tribune]

“I’m dumbfounded that Tim Tebow is still a Jet and Darrelle Revis isn’t.” [Peter King MMQB]

How bad did the Steelers draft in 2008? [Post-Gazette]

No surprise: Heat, Thunder were the top local TV draws among NBA teams. [Sports Media Watch]

Will a 7-game suspension be sufficient for Luis Suarez, the biter? [Independent]

Auburn: No academic fraud here. [Auburn Sports]

Probably the least original Carmelo Anthony column I’ve read this season. [Globe]

The Marlins catchers had a race in the 40-yard dash. That’s the most interesting thing that team has done in 2013. [Palm Beach Post]

How Stephen Douglas characterized this video at 3:23 Monday: “Funny. Roundup, perhaps?”

This shirt wasn’t worth fighting over. Also, it looks nice on the orangutan.

I thought the first Thor movie was bad, but this one looks much-improved.

Why did these two girls try to kiss a reporter who was doing a live spot on the Boston Marathon? [via Adam]

Because you want to see it first!

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