Brian Hartline Believes the Dolphins Have a Championship Offense, and He Might Be Right

Brian Hartline joins Cris Carter, David Boston, and Santonio Holmes as legends of the game

The Miami Dolphins had the 27th highest scoring team last year, which puts them as the 6th worst in scoring points a year ago. Brian Hartline finished with one of the most bizarre 1,000 yard receiving seasons, becoming only the third player to have that many yards while only scoring once.

He got rewarded with a “reported” $30.775 million deal for five years, with $12.5 million guaranteed, and then the Dolphins went out and signed Mike Wallace to a large contract. With Wallace in, Jake Long gone, and Ryan Tannehill moving into his second year, Hartline is confident in the Dolphins, saying that they had a “championship offense.”

“I think we got every move we needed to make,” he said. “We probably could add some depth at certain positions, but we’ve got all the pieces to the car, now we’ve just got to put it altogether.”

Yeah, I know we can all laugh at Brian Hartline, but he is probably crazy like a fox. He knows that since 2000, over half of the Super Bowl winners have been ranked 10th or lower in points scored (7 of 13). Pittsburgh was 20th in points in 2008, Tampa Bay was 18th in 2002, and the Giants (2007) and Ravens (2000) were 14th. Miami can surely join that group offensively in the regular season. I’m sure that’s what Hartline was intending.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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