Roundup: Blake Griffin Likes Taylor Swift's New Song, Gnarly Snowmobiling Accident & Lots of Love for Winnie Cooper

bar palyBar Paly … so, uh, what’s going on inside the NYT? … who doesn’t love Winnie Cooper? … Randall Cunningham’s high school son is good at the long jump … one night stands in locked-down Boston … Sean Parker, aka Mr. Napster, is throwing himself a wedding that might cost $9 million … “Mormon Bishop With Samurai Sword Runs off Attacker” … road rage vs. a cyclist in Beverly Hills … Tom Shales seems sort of angry … this fellow stole a $26,000 bottle of scotch … former Kentucky football player shot … “The Healthy Penis comes out of retirement” … “Thirteen female corrections officers essentially handed over control of a Baltimore jail to gang leaders” …

Stephen Curry scored 30, the Warriors shot 64 percent from the field and 56 percent on 3-pointers and hammered Denver, 131-117. [Post]

Very strong cast for the movie about De La Salle high school football – Jim Caviezel, Laura Dern and Michael Chiklis. [SF Gate]

Marlins organization makes dumb decision, angers manager, best pitcher. [Herald]

Robert Lipsyte, the new ESPN Ombudsman, speaks! [New Republic]

Blake Griffin is a fan of Taylor Swift’s new song (‘Trouble’). I just downloaded it last weekend. [Hot Clicks]

An NFL GM called this week’s draft the worst in a decade. [CBS Sports]

Uh … “Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name on a U.S. government travel-watch list should have kept him from boarding an airplane without some scrutiny, yet he could purchase semi-automatic handguns with none.” [Bloomberg]

My man Peter Schrager – we used to work together – actually did a full 7-round NFL mock draft. [Fox Sports]

Miami 98, Milwaukee 86. Wonder if the Bucks can keep it within single digits at home. [Journal Sentinel]

Hardcore Jets fans have probably already read how Revis ended up a Buc, but if you haven’t, here. [NYDN]

Huh? “But earlier this month video of Rice’s misconduct fell into the hands of some of the most dangerous people in journalism: sportswriters who are trying to be serious.” [Star Ledger]

Tommy John surgery for Chad Billingsley. [LA Times]

Looks harmless, then terrifying, then sounds worse, then the ending … pretty gruesome.

For a big fella, Florida State’s Tank Carradine can move.

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