Auburn Fan Will Change the Way Fans Sneak Booze Into Games With Nothing But a Food Vacuum Sealer


Looking for a new way to sneak booze into sporting events? A nameless, faceless Auburn student recently posted a picture tutorial online called, “How to make whiskey packets: A step by step guide to getting your whiskey through the gate.” Using nothing but booze and a common food vacuum sealer, you can make tiny packets that will help you get drunk at the game. The uploader claims to have used this method to successfully sneak whiskey into games for four years.

You can put these behind your wallet, in your shoe, socks, hat, pants. Get creative and make a belt behind a belt.

The good thing is that the world now has this knowledge. The bad is that security will likely now be tipped off to this method and will start searching for whiskey belts. Which is why I plan to invent whiskey suspenders. Just don’t tell anyone.

[imgur via Reddit/r/cfb]

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