Roundup: Jay-Z Wants to Sign Popeye Jones' Son, J.R. Smith's Yearbook Quote & a New Oklahoma City Chant

'One Life To Live' And 'All My Children' PremiereCarissa Rosario … battle between orcas and sperm whales … buy leather jackets from movies … insane conditions in a Baltimore jailArrested Development pictures … restaurant manager posted pictures of bad tippers online … Florida woman swallows diamond at charity event … Madonna’s brother was arrested for refusing to leave a restroom … the new $100 bill … principal complains to gay asst principal about the gays … a woman punched the daughter of the Philly mayor …  Gwyneth Paltrow was named the most beautiful woman in the world … SNL putting their entire 38-season archive on Yahoo … woman gets carjacked at Wendy’s by her own date …

Jay-Z wants to sign a hockey player next. The hockey player is Popeye Jones’ son. [New York Post]

The Marlins can’t even schedule pitchers for a double-header like a real baseball team. [Miami Herald]

Here’s a picture of a penguin in the Rays’ clubhouse, sitting in Joe Maddon’s chair. [Twitter]

Luis Suarez got 10 games. [The FA]

Lance Armstrong was “unjustly enriched.” [Yahoo/AP]

Some details about the All-Star game at CitiField. [WaPo]

Apolo Anton Ohno retired. He will cover the Olympics for NBC. [NBC]

Anderson Silva – GSP superfight still probably not going to happen. [MMA Weekly]

J.R. Smith’s high school yearbook quote was, “Get chicks or die tryin’.” [Sportress of Blogitude]

Einstein, a goldfish, is disabled. His owners made him a life jacket.

1999. I was 16. This is nostalgia.

An Oklahoma City Thunder chant.

Guy falls in fire during Harlem Shake video. Go on, you can make this one exception.

British television on the Boston Marathon bombing coverage.

Michigan’s Nik Stauskas hit 46-straight 3’s in the rain.

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