NFL Draft Guide: Geno Smith as the "Black Mark Sanchez," the Value in 'Weed' Guys & Always Go Small

Michigan v Notre DameMatt Taibbi of Rolling Stone put together a handy NFL draft guide that hopefully will entertain you for the next two hours prior to the draft. I highly recommend it instead of the all the noise on TV right now. Everyone is mock drafted out, right?

On the smearing of Geno Smith:

It’s particularly true with West Virginia star quarterback Geno Smith, who’s being hammered for his “poor decision-making” – Merrill Hoge made Smith sound like a black Mark Sanchez – after a year in which he threw 42 touchdowns against 6 interceptions. I’m not a huge fan of drafting quarterbacks in the first round, but the anti-Smith campaign smells a lot like several QB-hungry top 10 teams all trying to smear him simultaneously.

On the strong weed class this year, with 2-3 alleged potheads capable of going in the 1st round:

guys who batter cheerleaders with bricks or commit armed robbery or drive drunk with loaded pistols in their glove compartments are genuine character concerns, but a kid who just likes to smoke weed… that’s every college student in America. You want your star athlete, if he’s going to have a vice, to be a pothead. In fact, hopefully, he’s going straight from practice to his TV, blazing up and watching cartoons all afternoon. That means he’s not getting in real trouble.

On small guys always being a good pick (but this is mostly excerpted because of the excellent use of ballwashed):

Which is great and all, but while Austin will spend Thursday night getting ballwashed by Kiper and co. during the endless draft commentary shows, Michigan quarterback-turned-receiver Denard Robinson, who was only one of the five or six best offensive players in college the last few years, will be sitting at home staring glumly at his telephone. The obvious difference between Robinson and Austin is that Austin knows how to play wide receiver and Robinson doesn’t yet, but athletically it’s a wash — Robinson’s just as fast and if anything is a better pure runner.

There’s plenty more – samoans, freak athletes, it’s all deadly – and hopefully you enjoy it before the real fun begins. [Rolling Stone]

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