LSU Cornerback to Police: "I own Eunice, I'm gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine."

LSU v ArkansasTharold Simon, a former LSU cornerback who was expected to be drafted at some point this weekend, had a bizarre encounter with the police this week that resulted in an arrest (and some hilarious quotes). And it all happened one day before his hometown was all set to declare, “Tharold Simon Day.” Yes, really! Via KATC:

According to police records, Tharold Simon’s car was blocking Beulah Street when an officer asked him to move it. According to the report, Simon told the officer, “I own Eunice,” and “I’m gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine,” (sic) before finally moving his vehicle. The officer noted in the report that Simon spun his wheels and “backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner” and turned his radio “all the way up” while moving his car. The report also says Simon told the officer that “the mayor was on [his] side” and that the officer would be fired if he wrote a ticket. Simon is charged with public intimidation, resisting an officer, and unnecessary noise violation. He was released on bond.

So it doesn’t appear Simon was under the influence of anything or even had too much to drink. He was just high on life and a tad bit cocky. Hey, this is a big weekend for the fellow – he’s getting his own day and he was about to become an NFL player! Nevertheless, “I’m gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine” has to go down as one of the best arrest quotes I’ve heard in 2013. [KATC via Bruce Feldman]

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