Trey Wingo Interviews (Badgers?) Tyrann Mathieu, Who Held it Together and Kept His Composure

Tyrann Mathieu, drafted 69th overall by the Arizona Cardinals, showed emotion in his lengthy interview with ESPN’s Trey Wingo. A contrite Mathieu, at times appearing to blink back tears, said he plans on having weekly drug tests in his contract with the Cardinals.

Wingo though, seemed to press on in an unseemly manner. Mathieu handled it well, and at one point, near the 3-minute mark, it appeared the interview was over, as his family clapped and Mathieu just said, “definitely.”

But Wingo lingered, forcing the issue to the point that a Packers offensive lineman had had enough.

It sort of had the feel of a lecture – “do you understand …” but Mathieu did a good job of not taking the bait.

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