If You Have 2 QBs, You Don't Have One ... The Jets Have 5, What Does That Mean?

mark sanchez jets awful

Mark Sanchez, the incumbent. The highest paid ($8.25 million base salary in 2013) thanks to their since-fired idiot GM. His 26 turnovers each of the last two years have overshadowed his four road playoff wins in this first two years on the team. He could be the starter in 2013 … or be cut before June 1st.

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers

He’s in New York because the publicity-happy GM wanted him. Rex Ryan certainly didn’t, as evidenced by the fact that Tebow did everything except play QB in 2012. They’re probably trying to trade him, but finding no takers. They’ll have to cut him.

Oakland Raiders v Jacksonville Jaguars

Why did they sign over-the-hill David Garrard? I have no idea. It feels like his fate will be the same as Drew Stanton in 2012 – cut before the season for another QB who nobody thought was coming (that’d be Geno Smith).

greg mcelroy jets QB

Greg McEloy, the smartest QB on the roster, doesn’t have an arm, and is more likely to be a 6-figure businessman in five years than an NFL QB.

geno smith drafted by the jets

The Jets felt compelled to draft a QB in the 2nd round 39th overall because … nobody knows. It makes no sense. This is a bad roster. They’ll be a 4-5 win group, at best. They’ll be drafting in the Top 10 next year, in a draft where there are plenty of very good QB prospects. I would have filled a need – running back, linebacker, safety, offensive line – but hey, that’s why these are the Jets. They got an OL in the 3rd round, then traded their 4th round pick for Chris Ivory. Here’s the thing – Will Geno Smith be better than Matt Barkley of USC? He’s still on the board. If you wanted Geno Smith, why not wait until the 3rd round? It appears nobody else was interested.

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