Twins Crane Guy is Either Baseball's Most Dedicated or Creepiest Fan of the Season



This comes from the April 4th game between the Twins and Tigers at Target Field in Minnesota. It was only the third game of the season so fans were still doing whatever they could to catch baseball. Just look at this Twins fan watching from a giant crane outside the stadium. That’s dedication. This guy is hundreds of feet in the air while getting paid who-knows-how-much to operate heavy machinery and he’s watching his favorite team play a regular season baseball game. Unless…

What if we reverse the video?


In this world, that man is banned from Target Field. His love of the Twins is too intense and he will do anything to watch them. Think De Niro in The Fan, but instead of being a knife salesman (/nods at Carolla listeners), he’s a crane operator.

Crane guy up close

Or he’s just sleeping.

Because you want to see it first!

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