Female Blogger: Is This Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleader too Fat?

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game OneHouston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Onekelsey-wiliams-nba-cheerleader-is-not-fatKelsey Williams. Cheerleader. Oklahoma City Thunder. Blonde. Attractive. Great figure. Photographs exceptionally well.

Why is she a story? Some angry female blogger asked if Kelsey Williams was too fat to be a cheerleader because of the 3rd photo you see here. The story has since been deleted, but you can see the google cached version here.

We’re not trying to be ugly. We are just discussing what men like in women, specifically NBA cheerleaders.

This pretty blonde has been criticized by some folks in OKC for having “pudginess” around her waistline.

Harsh, and if you ask me, terribly inaccurate.

Oh, it should be noted that after the story blazed a trail around the web, a new subplot began to emerge – the blogger wasn’t using her real name, and guess what? Yup, she tried out to be a cheerleader once.

Crawford seems to be the nom de plume of blogger Anna-Megan Raley, whose work on the CBSHouston site under her own name deals mostly in relationship advice for men and women.

She also once wrote a blog for the Houston Chronicle, in which she tried out to be a cheerleader herself and posted a video of her audition.

Michelle Beadle was right – the meanest people to women … are other women.

Because you want to see it first!

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