Russia: Soccer Linesman Attacks Player During Match [Video]

Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov attacked a player at the end of a reserve soccer game in Russia between Amkar Perm and Terek Grozny this weekend. Kadyrov assaulted Ilya Krichmar after the two exchanged words. The Guardian has the details:

“The ref blew the final whistle and I started walking to our bench, when suddenly someone came from behind, pushed me to the ground and began kicking and punching me,” the 18-year-old Amkar player told reporters.

“Terek players then joined the attack. Someone grabbed me by the throat, another hit me … bloodying my face.”

Why did opponents jump into the fight? Who knows. It’s Russia.

Kadyrov said Krichmar had insulted him but the player denied the allegation. “We weren’t happy with the officiating, words had been exchanged but I had never said anything personal about him or his mother,” he said. “I know how sensitive Chechen people are.”

A former FIFA ref who was accessing the game said that he would suggest Kadyrov never work a game again.


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