Tim Tebow: Highlights and Top 5 Gifs From Tebow's Time With the New York Jets


The New York Jets have now exited the Tebow Zone, thus ending the most enjoyable era in New York Jets history. Tim Tebow’s time with the Jets was memorable and completely forgettable all at once. According to ESPN’s stats department, Tebow appeared on the field for just 77 offensive snaps. He also had 59 snaps on special teams. To think, it all started with a press conference…

Tebow was understandably excited to join the New York Jets. The media attention was incredible.

Tim Tebow shirtless Tim Tebow shirtless Tim Tebow shirtless Tim Tebow shirtless


Tebow took off his shirt in the rain.


The media swarmed him after thrilling performances in the preseason.

New York Jets Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez  in the locker room

Tebow was photographed in the locker room talking with Mark Sanchez about loofahs. Basically, it was a super exciting season off the field. But that is nothing compared to what happened when Rex Ryan let Tebow actually go on the field and spread his wings. Here are the Top 5 Gifs of Tim Tebow’s Time With the New York Jets. This list was difficult to compile because as you know, GIFs exist for all 136 times he walked on the field.

5. Tebow Throws it Away


OK, so this one got away from him. A bit. Just a bit.

4. Tebow Hits the Referee in Stride


Accuracy. This is just like the time Johnny Moxon stopped the clock by hitting the mascot with the football.


3. Interception


Tebow didn’t register a touchdown or interception during the regular season. During the preseason though … during the preseason he threw two interceptions. At least one of those has to be chalked up to bad luck. Look how high this defender had to ju…..oh. He just kind of threw it right at him didn’t he?


2. Dangerous Out of the Backfield



Against the 49ers, Tebow showed the world what was possible when you just let him take the ball and run. Look at that spin move.


1B. The B is for Block


It exists! Tim Tebow, blocked Aldon Smith. This counts as a positive highlight! And they said it couldn’t be done. In an alternate universe, this makes no sense because why is a quarterback pass protecting for another quarterback? It makes no sense.

1A. Mark Sanchez Hits Tebow in the Helmet With a Pass


Here it is, the greatest blooper from Tebow’s time with the Jets. What makes it more special is that Mark Sanchez is involved. If only he could have buttfumbled the ball onto Tebow’s head. Maybe when they team up again in the CFL.

Because you want to see it first!

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