Adam Wainwright Will Actually Fight For the Right For Good Barbecue

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright adores food so much that he will absolutely fight you over bad ribs, and often finds himself watching the Food Network with his equally hungry brother, Trey. In fact, Wainwright puts barbecue in such high regard that he would devour it every day like a starved dog happily consuming Snausages. However, the 2010 Cy Young runner-up strongly disapproves of poorly done barbeque.

“I can eat good barbeque every single day of my whole life, without question, no doubt. I can tell you that right now. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. Also, bad barbeque makes me want to fight somebody … When I have a really bad rib or a really bad pulled pork, it just makes me angry. It’s such a great piece of meat to ruin.”

I can appreciate Wainwright’s passion here, as a bad hair day — though extremely rare in occurrence — inspires the desire to put entire city blocks in the Perfect Plex.

[STLtoday; h/t ‏@GabeLacques]

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