Everything Went Wrong on TNT's Pregame Show [Video]


shaq-faceTNT’s pregame show got off to a rockey start on before game 5 of the Nuggets – Warriors series. First Shaq made a funny face while Ernie Johnson was posing a question to the panel. As Charles starts to answer, an alarm goes off. It was Shaq’s cell phone. So Shaq threw his phone off camera where no one caught it. Then Shaq tries to say something funny, but his microphone is not on. As Charles starts to speak again there is another noise off-camera. Then a crew member came on set and distracted Charles. Barkley joked about the broadcast being on TruTV and Ernie Johnson declared the entire production, “ugly.” Then Shaq held the guy trying to fix his microphone like a child sitting on Santa’s lap.

Because you want to see it first!

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