Geno Smith Already Changing Agents Because, Allegedly, He Did Not Like Where He Was Drafted

geno smith drafted by the jets

Geno Smith is changing agents, as first reported by Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal. The reason? According to multiple reporters in the New York area, it is because Geno Smith did not like where he was drafted.


One has to wonder the source for this (not Geno Smith, so it has to be the former agents, right?). If this is true and just him grousing over dropping in the draft, then this may give credence to those expressing concerns over Geno Smith’s maturity and ability to come from down two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. If it is because he is unhappy about going to the New York Jets, it might be indicative of the opposite. Regardless, welcome to New York, where one quarterback circus is leaving town to a week of Sportscenter discussion, while another comes in.

Geno Smith is denying this is related to the “whole draft experience”, which still leaves open to interpretation whether it is related to his draft position, as opposed to the drama after the First Round with reports that he would not, then would, attend the second day.


[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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